My fascination with jewelry started at the age of four when I scoured the beaches of the California coast for shiny pebbles, pretty shells, and colorful beach glass. Back at home, I glued my treasures to pop tops for rings and adorned my body with them. Over the years, I honed my skills with mentors, in college metalworking classes, at Revere's Academy in San Francisco, and at my own bench.

Drawing inspiration from the natural environment around me, and influenced by the Art Nouveau period and the jewelry of Rene' Lalique, I design my jewelry with movement and flow. The graceful elegance of natural form lends itself perfectly to the evocative lines that I love. My background as a professional wood sculptor helps me think and see dimensionality, an integral element in my designs.

In addition to design, function and craftsmanship are equally important to me. I often make a prototype to work out the fabrication process and check the wearability before executing the final piece. I strive for perfection in my craftsmanship. I want my work to pass on to future generations, so the extra time involved in careful planning, fitting and finishing is as important to me as appealing design. And finally, I feel that no piece of jewelry is complete unless the back side is as beautifully finished as the front. If a piece accidentally flips to the reverse side, I want the response to be one of joyful surprise, rather than an "Uh oh!"

I love making jewelry! Once in my studio in the morning, the hours melt away and the day is over before I realize it has begun. I find my mind spinning with more ideas, designs, and directions than I can ever transfer to sketchbook and metal. I look forward to each new day to design, fabricate, learn, and continue my process of making beautiful art to wear.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined."

Henry David Thoreau