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I will consider commissions. Contact me via email or telephone.

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About My Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry is individually hand fabricated.

I use the ancient techniques of chasing and repousse to create dimensional form from flat sheets of gold. My pieces are not cast. Various shapes of small metal punches are repeatedly hammered into the front and back sides of the sheet, stretching, shaping, and defining the metal into it's intended form. Files and sandpaper are then used to smooth out the tool marks, and the piece is polished.

My designs are produced as either a one of a kind piece, or in limited editions of 12. Each is signed, hallmarked, and dated.

My pieces are made of heavy gauge metals. This makes the jewelry very substantial. I take pride in making jewelry that will be heirlooms to be passed along to future generations. The quality of my materials and workmanship ensures durability. My jewelry is an investment to be worn, used and loved for countless years to come.

Shakudo is an ancient Japanese copper/gold alloy originally used on sword hilts. I like to use shakudo because of it’s beautiful patina, and the lovely contrast that it offers adjacent to gold. I alloy the shakudo myself by melting 90% copper and 10% pure gold together. It is then poured into a mold and rolled into the sheet or wire form that I need.

Many of my designs incorporate American natural pearls. I like to use natural pearls because of their rarity, unique beauty, and subtle colors. They occur naturally and are the most precious of all pearls. A natural pearl is a solid gem made from layer upon layer of pearl material, or nacre, formed over the course of many years around a tiny particle inside the mollusk. This creates a one of a kind piece of art whose deep luster is unsurpassed. Cultured pearls, one the other hand, are formed around a large nucleus, usually a bead, that has been inserted artificially into the mollusk. The layers of nacre that form around the nucleus of a cultured pearl are fewer, and therefore the luster is not as deep as that of a natural pearl.

I scour the markets for the highest quality gemstones that I can find. Many of my designs necessitate my cutting custom stones to fit each piece perfectly. I do this cutting in my studio. It allows me to get the exact shape, cut, and color for my pieces that I need.

All of my chains and clasps are hand made at my bench. Each link is individually soldered and shaped from solid wire, making a substantial and unique chain. Manufactured chains, on the other hand, are often made from hollow wire. You will be able to feel the difference when in your hand. Some of my clasps are set with small stones.

All designs copyright Karen Olsen Ramsey 2007