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Karen creates special and uniquely individual pieces. Personal aspects of each client’s personality or interests evolve into a part of the piece, often as a small symbolic representation woven into the design. She uses ethically sourced metals and stones, and can incorporate heirloom diamonds, stones and metals as well.
A very special gift with an heirloom diamond from Paul to Gigi.
Custom ring redesign from heirloom sapphire.
Kathy's ring made from white gold and sentimental diamonds.
Anniversary ring from Bill to Nancy. Tsavorite garnet and diamond.
50th wedding anniversary custom opal and gold ring from Nat to Edie
Catherine and Peter's celtic ring set, gold nuggets, white and yellow gold.
White and yellow gold with opal and gem chrysocolla. Custom ring for Mariella utilizing gold from some of her old jewelry.
A most special wedding ring set re-make from Jim to Joanne for their 45th anniversary.
All designs copyright Karen Olsen Ramsey 2013